A Real Look into the Experience of Ketamine Therapy

Entering into ketamine therapy can be an intimidating experience. For many, the concept of using a dissociative drug to treat mental health disorders may seem unconventional or even unsettling. However, for those who have taken the leap of faith and participated in this type of treatment, they know that it can be a life-changing experience. In this blog, we will take you through the experience of ketamine therapy from the perspective of real patients. We will outline the most common experiences and emotions felt during the treatment, as well as why every patient’s journey is unique.

The first step in the ketamine therapy experience is the consultation process. During this time, patients will meet with one of our providers to discuss their mental health history and determine if ketamine therapy is a good fit for your individual needs. This is the time where you are encouraged to ask questions and discuss your concerns.

As you enter into the treatment process, the most common experience during the actual therapy is a dissociative state. Patients report feeling disconnected from their bodies, as if their physical self is separate from their emotions and thoughts. Many describe it as feeling “light” or “floaty”. This can be a bit disconcerting at first, but patients are closely monitored by our team of licensed providers and are reminded that this feeling is temporary. Furthermore, many patients view this state as a peaceful escape from their constant barrage of negative thoughts.

While the dissociative state is common, it’s important to note that every patient’s experience is different. Some patients report feeling more grounded though still in a relaxed state, finding it easier to confront difficult emotions and thoughts without fear or anxiety. Others may report feeling more energy or more reflective – each experience is unique. One patient notes: “I didn’t feel floaty like most people described. Instead, I felt energized and invigorated. After the session, I was more open and engaged in therapy than I had been before.”

Another common experience during the ketamine therapy process is an emotional release. Patients often find that they are able to access and confront deep-seated emotions that they may not have been able to before. This can be overwhelming for some, but many report feeling a sense of relief and catharsis afterwards. “I was able to face some things that I had been avoiding for years,” explains another patient. “It was incredibly difficult, but groundbreaking in terms of my healing process.”

Ketamine therapy is a treatment that allows patients to access and confront their emotions in a unique way. While the experience of ketamine therapy may be intimidating or uncomfortable to some, it is important to note that patients are closely monitored and supported throughout the process. Every patient’s journey is unique, but the benefits of this treatment can be life-changing. Remember, it’s okay to come in without expectations, trust your provider, and embrace the experience with an open mind.