Preparing for Treatment

The importance of “set” and “setting”

“Set and setting” is an expression first coined in the 1960s by Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary. The concept of “set and setting” describes the idea that psychedelic experiences are powerfully influenced by the internal and external environments in which they take place, a theory which is widely agreed upon in psychedelic medicine and research today.

Set – short for mindset – refers to your attitudes and mental state going into the experience, while setting refers to the physical environment in which the treatment takes place.

Your experience during a ketamine session will be profoundly influenced by both your inner world of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, fears, and expectations (set) and by the physical space in which the session occurs (setting). The Anew Therapy team has put a lot of thought and care into ensuring a safe and beautiful setting for all our patients but it’ll be important for you to cultivate the right mindset for each treatment.

Here are some simple ways to prepare your mind and body for ketamine therapy

Remember: One of the most powerful effects of ketamine lies in its ability to enhance neuroplasticity, making your brain more adaptable, flexible, and open to change in the days that follow your session. This window of increased neuroplasticity induced by ketamine is an optimal state for facilitating positive cognitive restructuring and behavioral change. Thus, an important final step in your integration work is taking actionable steps towards positive growth and change. You can take advantage of this window by adopting new habits, behaviors, and thought patterns, based on insights gained from reflecting on your session.